Asian Dudes and White Babes: The Secret to Triumph | Girls Chase

Note from Chase:

Sometimes I get inquired about

Asian men and white girls

. I understand exactly why some dudes ask this; discover a tremendously peoples propensity all of us have to express, “Well, that may do the job, but it’s because you are white / black / Asian / tall / muscular / super smart / naturally gifted / some other thing outside a person’s capacity to change.” With no matter exactly how much you inform individuals who that is simply a reason, many embrace staunchly to the. Chase is a white man; precisely what does


discover becoming Asian?

In reality, I had many Asian male pals who have been very gifted with white females. One was a on our korean guy from center The united states who would been a club promoter and the body builder as well as when he was actually unemployed and not sure what he wanted to do together with life slept with tons of stunning white ladies more quickly than the majority of white guys can. Another ended up being a brief Chinese-born man exactly who seemed to actually


white ladies into bed by pure persistence and charm.

But we still have questions from Asian men about Asian guys and white ladies, and so I questioned another Asian buddy of my own known as Jerome – still another Chinese-born guy would you really well for themselves with European and US white women in the US and elsewhere – to write a guest blog post on the subject.

Initially Jerome was actually a tiny bit confounded whenever I questioned him.

“What do you desire me to discuss, just?”

he requested confusedly.

“only the knowledge about obtaining girls as an Asian guy… specifically



We mentioned.

“exactly how’s that any distinctive from acquiring girls as a white man?”

he asked me personally.

“It isn’t really,”

I responded,

“but I got readers who think it is. You’d be assisting some men out should you could just provide your own perspective.”


he responded,

“but i am telling you, it’s identical for an Asian man because it’s for a white guy.”

Without more ado, listed here is their blog post.